SimpliVity OmniCube

Simplivity OmniCube in the hyperconverged infrastructure solution designed and optimized for modern virtual environments. Omnicube is a compact 2U rack-mounted
building block that delivers server, storage, and storage networking services. This "Data Center in a box" approach delivers not just server and storage functionality, but also
offers the functionality of an entire infrastructure stack, integrating deduplication, compression, and optimization. A wide variety of all-flash and hybrid OmniCube models are available to support virtualized workloads of all sizes. 


Omnicube improves data efficiency easily
  • Data Efficiency: OmniCube deduplicates, compresses, and optimizes all data inline, in real time, at inception.Save costs through reduced capacity requirements.
  • Built-in Data Protection: OmniCube has built-in local and remote backup, delivering operational and disaster recovery. This enables full logical backups in just seconds, as well as RTOs of seconds to minutes and RPOs of minutes.
  • Ease of management and deployment: manage data centers at the VM level globally, rather than at the LUN or share level—all from a single interface. Reduce time and training while focusing on growing the infrastructure. The simplicity of deployment and management, means continued costs savings.
  • Choose from a wide variety of all-flash and hybrid OmniCube models. Support the full range of enterprise workloads, environments and use cases, from the most demanding, data intensive applications, to core and edge data center services.

Use cases

Data Center Consolidation: combine all IT infrastructure and data services below the hypervisor in a single 2U hardware platform.

Data Protection: Omnicube allows you to upgrade your infrastructure, in terms of compute and storage, while significantly improving your backup and recovery
capabilities, reducing RPO and RTO, reducing also your dependency on legacy backup and replication products.

Cloud Computing: get the best of on-premises infrastructure, performance reliability and resiliency, together with the agility, elasticity and affordability of cloud computing,
all in one place.

VDI: reduce costs with the advantages of a virtual desktop without affecting end user satisfaction.

ROBO: Bring remote and branch offices into the fold with SimpliVity’s Unified Protected ROBO solution. SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure solution brings data protection for ROBOs and centralizes management.

Designed to host Tier-1 applications

Speed up IT: get more agility for DevOps and IaaS projects, meeting the changing demands of test and development environments.



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